Don’t miss out: the community survey closes on September 30th!

Each year the Gay Alliance conducts our Community Survey to gather feedback from the community about what we’re doing well, how we can improve, and most of all, to find out what’s most important to you, members of our community. The survey takes roughly fifteen minutes to complete, and includes questions about our programs, events, and services. It also asks about what type of events community members would like to see. We also ask for some basic demographic information to help us understand more about the folks we’re working with.

Last year’s survey found that 87% of our 750 respondents felt that Youth Services were our most valuable program. We took that finding and created the LGBTQ Scholarship Fund to help develop youth leadership. The scholarship fund is supported by our new annual RISE Brunch. Four in five survey-takers told us that they stay in touch with us on Facebook, so we’ve worked hard to cultivate a more active and accessible Facebook presence. The Gay Alliance uses the Community Survey to guide our upcoming services and programs, so that we can better serve you, the people of Rochester, NY.

Please, take a moment to complete our Community Survey– tell us what we can do to serve you.