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Saturday May 27th 2017



London artists raise awareness on Chechnya

Rooster by Isado Fukuda

According to Lewis Peters on A special exhibition and sale of artwork in the East End of London aims to raise awareness and funds to alleviate the persecution of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya.

Since April, numerous reports and personal testimonies have highlighted the discrimination that LGBTI communities are facing in the Russian republic. Today (May 26), Human Rights Watch published a detailed report on the purge gay men are facing in the country.

The art show, titled One Piece, opened on Tuesday 23 May at NSH Arts in Mile End and will close Monday 30 May.

Money raised will go directly to the Russian LGBT Network.

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Human Rights Watch confirms torture of gay men in Chechnya

According to Joe Jervis on Human Rights Watch today (May 26) released a 26-page report detailing the gruesome torture of gay men at the hands of Chechen police. Radio Free Europe reports:

“All of the victims suffered repeated beatings,” the report said. “Security officials kicked them with booted feet, beat them with polypropylene pipes and sticks, and made other inmates beat them” — mostly on the men’s buttocks and legs.

“They put you face down on the floor and beat you with pipes,” one victim told Human Rights Watch. “Then they force other prisoners [held for allegedly supporting insurgents or for alleged drug offenses] to carry on with the beating. Each man gets some 70 to 80 blows. And so it goes…. And you literally turn black and blue from waist to toes.”

The rights group says local Chechen authorities also used electrocution devices to torture the victims. Former detainees described those devices as machines with a knob on one side and wires sticking out of it with metal clips at the ends — clips which were attached to the victims’ fingers, toes, and earlobes.

“They turn the knob, electric current hits you, and you start shaking,” a former detainee told Human Rights Watch. “And they keep turning the hellish machine, and the pain is just insane. You scream and scream and you no longer know who you are.”

“Finally, you faint,” the former detainee continued. “It all goes dark. But when you come to your senses, they start all over again. And once they’re done with you and you get your bearings, you hear other inmates screaming. The sounds of torture are just there all day, and at some point you start losing your mind.”

According to the report, the crusade against gay men was launched at the command of the speaker of Chechnya’s parliament, Magomed Daudov [photo], who has been seen at the “concentration camp” holding the prisoners.

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House members introduce resolution on Chechnya gay persecution

According to Adam Rhodes on On Tuesday, United States lawmakers took their first real step toward addressing the anti-gay torture and persecution in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya when members of the House of Representatives introduced a resolution condemning the violence.

H.Res.351 was introduced by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) and co-sponsored by 52 others, both Democrats and Republicans, and was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs the same day it was filed. The text of the resolution is not yet available on Congress’ website.

The resolution comes after news broke last week that the U.S. denied visas to people fleeing Chechnya who were trying to avoid the concentration camps where gay men have been tortured and in some cases murdered.

Also last week, the southern Russian republic was also slapped with a suit by three French gay rights groups in the Internal Court, accusing the Russian republic of Chechnya of carrying out a “gay genocide.”

The suit and the fleeing Chechens are a response to reports that gay and bisexual men in the country are being rounded up and tortured in concentration camps. Some men, accord to reports, have even been killed.

In response to the allegations, the State Department, former Vice President Joe Biden and current United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley all called for an investigation into the claims.

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