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Tuesday November 21st 2017



Robin Wilt announces race for 56th District State Senate seat

Photo of Robin Wilt announcing her candidacyBy Susan Jordan

Robin Wilt announced her candidacy for the 56th State Senate District on June 16. She described herself as “an unlikely candidate” and said that she is not a politician, but rather “a community activist, business owner and mother.” As such, she said that she is “uniquely suited to representing ordinary upstate new Yorkers.”

Wilt, a Democrat, feels she represents people’s frustration with the status quo in Albany and, even more, “the hope to make New York better.”

She promised “a vigorous race against a well-funded, entrenched politician,” and although she acknowledged that it will be a struggle, she said, “I know through my own experience that a small group of committed individuals can indeed effect real change.”

Wilt told The Empty Closet that she strongly supports marriage equality. She said, “I am in an interracial marriage, and 40 years ago, the same arguments were being made against marriage for all as are being lodged today. So I know this is a civil rights issue.”

The incumbent, Republican Senator Joseph Robach, has consistently voted against LGBT families and the right of same sex couples to marry legally.