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Thursday December 14th 2017



Pride Poem: You’re the One Who Colors Me

BeFunky_flag.jpgBy Jojo Oberholtzer

Out of blue, you’re the one who colors me.
Red- Life is what we’re having, bad and good times.
Orange- Healing is what we need for pains.
Yellow- Sun is the brightest and warmest smile.
Green- Nature is all forests and mother-nature.
Blue- Harmony, Love is about the butterflies you are feeling.

Everything happens for a reason
You are the one who colors me
Just follow your heart and dream

Wherever you go, I’ll miss you,
I don’t have to go far, all I do
Is look inside my heart, that’s where I’ll find you.
Love is full of surprises,
Sometimes, it’s too good to be true.

You will never understand how much you mean to me,
You don’t know how many sides of me you’ve seen-

But I’ve seen a few sides of you.

I’m just telling you: that’s your colors
Deep inside of me, that I admire you,
You’re the one who colors me.