Williamson car dealer runs transphobic ad

Car dealer James Provenzano of Williamson has begun airing an ad that compares the speed at which he sells cars to “Bruce Jenner running in heels”.

When a caller complained to the store they were treated rudely and hung up on. Store manager George Vickers states that the company will continue to air the ad for the next 30 days, despite the pain it may cause or the customers who may decide not to do business with them.

Entercom quickly stopped airing the ad.

Emily Henninger, president of the Trans Alliance of Greater Rochester, told The Empty Closet, “I on behalf of the Trans Alliance of Greater Rochester would like to extend my thanks to Entercom for dropping a culturally insensitive and crude commercial that used the identity of a transgender individual in a harmful and inappropriate manner. Although the commercial was intended as humorous, it reflected a deplorable disrespect of a real person’s identity, as well as dehumanizing and making light of the plight of transgender women everywhere. I’m proud of Entercom for taking prompt action in removing it, and I understand that they were unaware of the offensive content before it aired.

“I hope that James Provenzano learns from this, and that he and his company use this opportunity to reflect on their mistake and get back to selling cars, rather than contributing to the oppression of parts of their own community.”

The dealership’s review section on their Facebook site is filled with comments shaming them: https://www.facebook.com/JamesCarsNY).

The company can also be reached at 1-800-246-2000.

Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. I am the caller mentioned in this article. Please see my Facebook page for more information on what happened. Thank you for publishing this!

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