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Tuesday December 12th 2017



Asking GoFundMe support for gay prisoner starting LGBTI inmate group

From Tristan Wright: Would you be interested in contributing to a small fundraiser for my friend, Luis Cuascut, an incarcerated gay man at Woodbourne Correctional Facility?

He is in the process of starting an LGBTQI group at his prison called LGBTQI US United. He has administrative approval to move forward, but is in need of some funds to get it off the ground. Our goal is just $1,100. The funding would cover the cost of a computer and printer, a coffee pot, office supplies, and items for a small banquet.

Luis is a good friend of mine, a good organizer, and very intelligent. He has a lot of great ideas for programs and services he can provide to the LGBTQ population at Woodbourne. A small donation to get his group started would go a long way towards creating something new for the NYS DOCCS system.

If you’re interested in contributing, I’ve created a GoFundMe, at