Trans Va. legislator Danica Roem blasts transphobic GOP: Trans people “don’t get to fly unicorns every day”

According to Jessica Glass on Danica Roem, the first transgender person elected to a state legislature in Virginia has given a hilarious takedown of the state of American politics.

In a recent now-viral twitter thread, Roem hit back at her Republican opponents who frequently campaigned on the basis of Roem’s gender identity as opposed to legitimate policy issues.

Roem’s appearance on the Comedy Central show ‘The Opposition with Jordan Klepper‘ proved to be no exception to her ability to slam her opponents.

The delegate-elect started by talking about her campaign and how she won against a 26-year incumbent.

Roem said: “I won because we knocked on more doors, we made a lot more phone calls, we raised a lot of money and proved that nothing is more important than wearing out the tread of your shoes.”

The conversation quickly moved onto the current state of American politics with host Klepper asking whether she could have condensed her entire campaign strategy into inflammatory tweets, the famed strategy of President Trump.

When asked about one of her central campaign policies – fixing Route 28, a heavily congested main road in her District – Roem showed her funny side and replied: “The problem is as transgender people we don’t get to fly our unicorns to work every day.

“We only get to use them on weekends and sometimes Thanksgiving.”

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