Fresh Start: EC Online in 2018

Welcome, welcome. You have undoubtedly noticed some aesthetic changes in the Empty Closet website and content in the last few months. Let us introduce you to what lies ahead!

  • Fresh Start: the Daily News Roundup
    • Fresh Start will give you a list of stories that have us talking – breaking stories from around the world, with some fun opinion, multi-media, and uplifting content to keep it fresh. You’ll find Fresh Start every morning to give you a jump start on the news as it relates to the LGBTQ+ communities.
    • Fresh Start will have this image on its header, one for each day of the week: 
  • Columnists
    • You can now conveniently find each guest columnist in a drop-down menu at the top of the page. Simply click the menu, select the columnist of your choosing, and peruse their archive.
    • New columnists will be added as they contribute to the EC online or in print
  • Distribution Locations
    • We have refreshed and updated our list of pick-up locations around the greater Rochester area. Check out our distribution sites by clicking ‘Pick Us Up‘ at the top of the page. You can select based on location type or by neighborhood. Remember, the EC is FREE!
  • EC Advertising
    • We’ve redesigned and updated our advertising rates and contract. Check out our new advertising page and consider placing your business or organization in front of thousands of readers
  • Read the EC
    • Articles from each month’s Empty Closet will be published here, but if you want to experience the amazing graphic design and content of the full magazine – but can’t get a physical copy, then feel free to read the EC online at ISSUU
    • Explore back over 8 years of Empty Closet issues!

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1 Response

  1. Phillip Gessel says:

    I’m 52 years old. I’ve been gay my whole life. but because of my family & friends, I’ve stayed hid in the closet. I was so miserable trying to be who everyone expected me to be. I wanted to burst out of that closet and tell the whole world im gay & i LOVE being gay. I realized I’m in this closet not because of them but because of me, I’m keeping myself in the closet. Who cares if someone doesn’t like me because I’m gay. So here real recently I’ve step totally out of that closet & pad lock the door behind me, because I’m completely free to be me now. No turning back it feels so good. I’ve told everyone, my kids and grandkids my brothers & sisters and all my friends, and I didn’t want to leave out anyone so I put it on my Facebook. Now everyone in my world knows I’m gay, If I can come totally out of the close and let my whole world know that I’m gay then you can too. I’m in a very very strict conservative family, and my brothers; my friends hasn’t spoke to me since I told them. But I’m happy. And the only time I ever experience enjoyment and pleasure is when I’m with a man, I’m Phillip Gessel; and I’ve been gay my whole life. And it feels awesome.

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