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Monday February 2nd 2015



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Trans*Missions By Laine DeLaney: The Greatest Gift You Can Give

The holiday season can be rough for us.  When many people are reaching out to family and embracing them, people in the TBLG community and especially the trans* community often feel even more separate. The families that we have been raised with often turn their backs on us and cast us out, leaving us to fend for ourselves. That’s where [...]

From the Executive Director/ Scott Fearing: Changing the World

It was in the fall of 1980, a time before many of you readers were born, that I first said, "I am gay." My coming out was kicked in the butt a few years later when HIV/AIDS arrived on the scene and I was drawn into community organizing as a way to keep my friends alive. In that brief period between my coming out and the need to focus on what [...]

Halloween History: the cycle of the seasons

Halloween History: the cycle of the seasons

By Susan Jordan Halloween is coming up and once again the wheel of the seasons is turning. For millennia this has been the time when, people believed, the veil between this world and the Otherworld grew thin and ghosts of one’s ancestors could return as ghastly guests, for that one night. People left food offerings for them or decorated tombs [...]

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