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Friday August 22nd 2014



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Trans, non-binary students change UK university admission rules

Trans, non-binary students change UK university admission rules

By Jane Fae on Non-binary and trans students are victorious after protesting biased new UK university admission rules. UCAS, the UK’s official provider of university admissions services, sought to immediately review their procedures following a petition on The Nonbinary Inclusion Project spotted UCAS had [...]

Shoulders To Stand On: Trans* history part I

By Evelyn Bailey The history of transgender stretches back to the beginning of time, in all parts of the globe -- the Far East, the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Africa, the Greek and Roman Empires, Europe and the Americas, where some Native nations, such as the Navajo (Dineh), have long believed there are four genders. In many ways [...]

Trans*Missions By Laine DeLaney: Controlling our narratives

I have a new message that I’m going to repeat until everyone is tired of hearing it. I’m also going to repeat it after everyone is tired of hearing it, because it is something that has become obvious to me and has been ringing through my mind for a while now. Trans* people need to start controlling their own narratives. For the longest [...]

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