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Saturday April 18th 2015



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Trans*Missions By Laine DeLaney: Bathrooms

Why is it always the bathroom? Bathrooms are gross. They crawl with all kinds of icky germs and unpleasant stains and odors. You can wash them every day and they're still gross. The vast majority of people just want to go in, do their business, and leave. So why is it always the bathroom? Whenever trans people try to stand up for [...]

Calif. school elects trans homecoming queen, gay king

Calif. school elects trans homecoming queen, gay king

 By Mitch Kellaway on The Advocate Another homecoming season is fast approaching, and with it come the uplifting stories of LGBT hopefuls reaching one of the pinnacles of their school year: being elected homecoming royalty. While the number of queer and trans homecoming kings, queens, princesses, and princes rises each year, perhaps the [...]

Opinion: Inclusion anyone?

By Taieja Cook Life as a Black lesbian in Rochester, who also happens to be in her twenties, isn’t ideal. I suffer from multiple mental health disorders including depression and anxiety. Although these facts aren’t always interlinking, the truth is, they impact one another deeply. Since moving back to Rochester, I have been in search of [...]

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