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Tuesday May 26th 2015



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LGBTQ Living: Trans style

LGBTQ Living: Trans style

Cora Treoir Duncan. Photo: Michael Johnson By Susan Jordan Gender variant or gender queer people are not usually interested in transitioning from one binary gender to the other. They create their own third-gender style, adopting and inventing as they please (and the EC hopes to interview gender queer persons and also trans men in future [...]

TransMissions By Laine DeLaney: Why Not the Asterisk?

So I've decided to stop using the asterisk entirely. The second column that I wrote for The Empty Closet involved an explanation of why I used the asterisk (prompted by our editor Susan Jordan asking me where the footnotes were). The short version is this: the asterisk was added to the word trans as an act of inclusion for non-binary [...]

Trans*Missions By Laine DeLaney: Bathrooms

Why is it always the bathroom? Bathrooms are gross. They crawl with all kinds of icky germs and unpleasant stains and odors. You can wash them every day and they're still gross. The vast majority of people just want to go in, do their business, and leave. So why is it always the bathroom? Whenever trans people try to stand up for [...]

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