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Thursday July 31st 2014



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Shoulders To Stand On: Trans 101 (for the cisgendered)

By Evelyn Bailey Over the next several months Shoulders to Stand On will look at the history of Transgender people. Transgender is a blanket term used to describe all people who are not cisgender. And what you may ask is cisgender? Cisgender is the description for a person whose gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex all [...]

Trans*Missions By Laine DeLaney: Coming of age

There comes a time in the development of any identity, whether personal or social, when standing up for oneself becomes necessary. A level of independence is crucial to setting the boundaries that indicate the borders of an identity. When a person reaches this stage, often in their teen years, they tend to exhibit a level of anti-social [...]

Trans*Missions By Laine DeLaney: Gender policing

In a few of my attempts at outreach and discussion with trans* communities outside of the Rochester area I’ve noticed quite a bit of gender policing among transwomen (I suspect that it’s not just among transwomen, though). I must be spoiled by living in such an open and accepting community, because I’ve never had to deal with it [...]

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