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Tuesday December 12th 2017



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The Vagina Dialogues: Give yourself a hand

by KaeLyn Rich You can pack up your winter coats and store your snow tires in the garage. Flowers are in bloom. Wild animals are coming out of hibernation. And, oh yeah, love is in the air. It may be mating season, but May is also National Masturbation Month. Yup, there’s a whole month dedicated to getting down with yourself! Like we need an [...]

Fearing Nothing: Back when I was young

By Scott Fearing There are those moments when the passage of time seems glacial, and other times it seems meteoric. I recall as a kid hearing my parents say, “when I was young,” and I would roll my eyes and think, “here they go again.” But, now, as my own hair falls and grays, I find myself saying and thinking those same words. Those [...]

Obama launches campaign to raise HIV awareness

Every nine minutes another person in America becomes infected with HIV. Officials from the White House, Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on April 7 a new five-year national communication campaign, Act Against AIDS, which highlights this alarming statistic and aims to combat [...]

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