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Thursday December 14th 2017



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O men of power: requiem for a regime

By Susan Jordan “Why boastest thou thy selfe in thy wickedness, O man of power? The loving kindness of God endureth daily. Thy tongue imagineth mischief and is like a sharp razor, that cutteth deceitfully. Thou dost love evil more than good, and lies more than to speak the truth.” -Psalm 52, Geneva Bible of 1587 This admonition could well have [...]

From the Empty Closet Editor: Bisexuality, the invisible identity

By Susan Jordan Anti-gay evangelical preacher Ted Haggard, who, as Reverend Irene Monroe says, “is in love with heterosexual privilege and homosexual sex,” has admitted having at least two sexual relationships with men. He says that therapists have told him he is “heterosexual with homosexual complications” or “attachments” (sort of [...]

From the GAGV Executive Director: Activists for change: commit now!

By Sue Cowell My first two weeks as the Executive Director of the Gay Alliance have strengthened my resolve about the continuing creation of change for our community. We are fortunate to have a rich history of social and political activism in our region. When I moved to Rochester in 1977, activism was the first face of the Gay Alliance I [...]

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