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Monday October 23rd 2017



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//Ambiguous Statements//

//Ambiguous Statements//

By Spencer Perez   The only consistency I have had in my life is inconsistency. I have been called an enigma wrapped in a paradox. Or a paradox wrapped in an enigma. Either way, it is true. I never fit in, or out. I was always somewhere in between. I have been told that every day I look like a different person. No one style. No [...]

The Big Name Change

By Justin Rios & Tihanna Thornton, members of The Big Queer Prom Committee Throughout the years, The Big Gay Prom has been a safe place for LGBTQ youth to have fun in an environment where they are able to truly express themselves. Over time, we have come to understand that the title “The Big Gay Prom” may not appeal to all who are [...]

Current Day Evil: Homophobia in America

By Alex Stilson Homophobia causes a myriad of problems for society and for people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, along with their allies. This can be clearly seen throughout the history of our great country. However, it has become a major issue since the middle of the nineteenth century. After World War II many new [...]

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