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Thursday December 14th 2017



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A Letter to Youth

Dear New Youth, I am so excited that you came to GAGV! This is a fun and safe place for you to be yourself. You will meet lots of people who are caring and nice and are just like you. This is a huge step that you are taking and many people before you have taken this step and had a great outcome. The first day I came here, I did not come out [...]

Youth break the silence at April 15 rally

Youth break the silence at April 15 rally

By Susan Jordan How many thousands of LGBT youth – or heterosexual youth for that matter  -- have been driven to self destructive behaviors, including suicide, by homophobic verbal and physical harassment and bullying? How many youth, whether gay or straight, have been murdered in cold blood by those who “hate queers”? We will never [...]

Ask Nereida & Gabe: advice for youth*

Question: I like this girl but she only likes me as a friend.  What should I do? Gabe: Keep her as a friend and be open-minded about the situation. Even though people are not interested, I would still have them in my life. Respect their wishes and understand how they feel. If anything progresses or if that person's mind changes, have a [...]

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