Come Alive

“Come alive!… come alive!.. I choose this hour to now come alive! See my name echo in your reflection I have been with you when the dawns were young. I was with you on the bow of the “good ship Jesus” rocking and rolling through the Atlantic . I am the siren  of the talking drum The thunder thru your hands The resound of earth thru feet. I am your meaning and intelligence thru your songs I am drum line […] Read More

Daily News Roundup, February 7, 2018

It’s Wednesday, February 7, 2018 and here are the stories that have us talking: 25 LGBT characters who made a difference in people’s lives UK psychiatrist says anti-gay politicians can contribute to suicides of LGBT people After national outcry, Publix will provide workers with HIV prevention medication US courts to hear Marsha Wetzel’s potentially landmark LGBT housing case Democrat Andrea Marra announces historic New York State senate run UN human rights commission warns Indonesia over crackdown on LGBTQ community These […] Read More

SAGE Profile: Bob Day

by Rowan Collins   Bob Day doesn’t think of himself as very remarkable. When I sat down to talk with him in early January, after one of the semi-weekly SAGE Yoga Classes, he looked somewhat bewildered that there would even be much to say. “I’m humbled that anyone would want to ask me anything about what I’ve done. I’m just one of many. Not too exceptional.” Listening to his measured, thoughtful prosody over the next half-hour would prove his assertion […] Read More

Daily News Roundup, February 6, 2018

It’s Tuesday, February 6, 2018 and here are the stories that have us talking: The queer, disabled, and women of color suffragettes history forgot Wrong on all counts: One woman’s reflection on her 1976 coming out letter to Ms. magazine Why are murders of gay and bi men up a staggering 400 percent? Here’s how LGBTQ rights could impact Costa Rica’s presidential election Transgender women discriminated against by Walgreens fights back and wins Femmes of Colour is a safe-haven from […] Read More

Uncover Your Eyes

by Deon Young Complacency. The profound vision behind this word is undeniably non-existent and could be considered incredibly trivial in the world where I originate. I say ‘world’ because of a sole truth: poverty, racism, prejudice, exploitation, and self-destruction may come to fruition in everyone’s lives and will not discriminate. Nevertheless, these illustrations occur on a different plane outside of the window shutters of the cookie cutter homes of those who did not have to battle a system built to […] Read More