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Tuesday May 3rd 2016



UR online survey looks at “Finding Partners” apps

Ron Rogge

Ron Rogge

By Susan Jordan

The University of Rochester is seeking participants for an anonymous online research study underway at UR. It is called “Finding Partners in the 21st Century.”

The goal is to place people’s use of geosocial apps like Grindr and Tinder in a larger context. For instance, how does the use of these apps compare to the use of dating websites and to offline methods like going to bars or meeting people at school or work?

How do these people differ? What are the effects of these methods including emotional, psychological, and physical effects (physical effects being things like sexual behavior)?

UR is recruiting around 6,000 people. The survey takes about 25-30 minutes to complete, and it will ask questions about participants’ background, personality, the ways they find romantic and sexual partners, their sex life, their drug and alcohol use, and their history with sexually transmitted infections. Again, the survey is anonymous, so no identifying information will be stored with their data. The survey is hosted on a secure server.”

The survey is intended for those at least 18 years old.

Ron Rogge, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, is heading the research. He told The Empty Closet, “Although there are a handful of studies that have examined geosocial app use, very little is known about this social phenomenon. This study will be the first to do several things:

  • Look at similarities and differences between geosocial app users and those using other methods to connect with people on a comprehensive set of background factors including things like personality, loneliness, self-esteem, sex drive, sensation seeking, and self-control.
  • Look at basic motivation profiles for using geosocial apps and examine how those motivations might be similar or different from basic motivations for using other methods of connecting with people.
  • Determine which types of background factors help to predict which types of motivations lead people to using geosocial apps or the other forms of connecting with others.
  • Examine how romantic and sexual activity following geosocial app use (as well as the other methods of connecting with people) might vary across different motivation profiles. Thus, we will look at how things like casual sex and hook-ups, high risk sexual activity, and safe-sex/STI communication might differ across different motivation profiles.

“I believe that the survey will give the scientific community, geosocial app creators, geosocial app users a unique and enlightening look into this massive online community that has developed over the last 7 years. It could help them be aware of risks within geosocial app use as well as the typical benefits people experience.”

So many supposedly secure sites have been hacked – how can participants be sure their information is confidential? Ron Rogge replied, “The survey is completely anonymous. No personal identification is collected (including no IP addresses). Thus, even if surveygizmo was hacked, individuals’ responses could not be linked back to their identities in any way. To further ensure anonymity, potential respondents are first referred to a gateway survey (in which they are informed of the risks/benefits of the study and their rights as subjects). Provided they are interested in being subjects, then they are referred to the actual survey website which exists as an entirely separate survey to ensure that no identifying information is linked to their responses.”

The Finding Partners in the 21st Century Survey is voluntary, can be completed online and is short (takes 25-30 minutes).



“The Good, the Bad, and the Funny” to include “A Fist Full of Stories”

The Good, the Bad, and the Funny has been a staple of Rochester Pride for a number of years. This annual event is an Open Mic for the Transgender/Gender Expansive Community.

Some do a comedy routine. Others use the microphone to come out of the closet. Many use the opportunity to talk about life. The stories are always wonderful and powerful.

This year, the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley is proud to announce that this event is expanding to include A Fist Full of Stories. A Fist Full of Stories is an Open Mic for entire LGBTIA Community and will run Thursday evenings across the month of June. It will culminate with The Good, the Bad, and the Funny on 14 July.

A Fist Full of Stories and The Good, the Bad, and the Funny will all be held in the LGBTQIA Resource Center at the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley, 100 College Avenue, Rochester. Each night will run from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Event Schedule:

June 2: Opening night of A Fist Full of Stories. This evening will be an open mic for the entire community. This will be a Public Event with members of the media and our public representatives invited to hear our stories.

June 9: Open mic – A Fist Full of Stories. This evening will be an open mic for the entire community.

June 16: Open mic – A Fist Full of Stories. This evening TBD.

June 23: Open mic – A Fist Full of Stories. This evening will be for our Allies and Advocates.

July 7: Open mic – A Fist Full of Stories. This evening will give our LGBTQI Youth a voice.

July 14: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny. This is an open mic specifically for the Transgender/Gender Expansive Community.


Kaye Fox, trans activist, passes in South Carolina

Rev. Kaye Fox (WHAM TV)

Rev. Kaye Fox (WHAM TV)

Rev. Kaye S. Fox, 74, formerly of Rochester, died March 27, in Summerville, SC. Kaye Fox led the Open Door Mission for more than 25 years as the Rev. Kenneth Fox, before transitioning as a woman in 2002.

She is survived by her spouse, Lisa Fox of Summerville, SC; a son, two grandchildren and a great grandson.

From WHAM News: “If people are angry at me, let them be angry at me,” Fox said to 13WHAM’s Patrice Walsh in a 2002 interview. “To abandon the mission at this most difficult time in our history would be unfair. It wouldn’t be fair for me to think everybody should accept it just like that, because it took many years for me to accept me.”

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