Theatre students fight AIDS with love

From a high school auditorium to two of the best theatre spaces in Rochester, from a one-night performance to a two-weekend production, from a few flyers to a cable network commercial and a Web site, “Fight With Love” has come a long way. Now in its third year, the musical theatre benefit is an established production and a statement that Rochester theatre students are committed to the fight against AIDS. Performances will take place this month at JCC and Geva. […] Read More

The Fashion Show’s Merlin Castell talks about his style

By Susan Jordan Celebrity fashion designer and star of Bravo’s hit “The Fashion Show,” Merlin Castell is no newcomer to mesmerizing viewers with his glamorous designs and eccentric personality. Known for his haute couture tailored clothing crafted from highly luxurious fabrics, Merlin has attached his name to some of Hollywood’s most recognizable entertainers, such as Paris Hilton, Carlos Santana and even Marilyn Manson. Merlin and his designs have been featured in both national and regional television shows, including “The Janice […] Read More

The Heart of Homo Hop: A Conversation with Melange Lavonne

By Laura McSpadden Melange Lavonne, the openly lesbian rapper whose name is quickly becoming synonymous with homo hop, is back in the studio to work on her third, as-yet-unnamed album. Meanwhile, many members of the LGBT community wait eagerly for its release. Her last album, The Movement, was a testament to the power of music. Each song is an interweaving of engaging beats and heartfelt lyrics that call listeners’ attention to issues such as marriage equality, domestic violence, discrimination of […] Read More