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Friday August 18th 2017



RuPaul: Trump presidency has led to rise in LGBT visibility in TV and the arts

RuPaul has said that he thinks Donald Trump’s Presidency has led to a rise in representation of LGBT+ people on TV and in the arts.

He said: “Politically, it feels like our collective narrative has been abandoned. This country was about acceptance and inclusion, about open hearts and open minds. And as the government has gone away from that, I believe television, movies, music, the arts have taken up the slack, as they always do.”

Asked whether he’d prefer Trump to watch Drag Race to Fox News, RuPaul added: “No, not really. There’s nothing that could be done there. Our focus is on young people, and helping them articulate what’s in their hearts. Our show creates a dialogue with young people who feel the gamut of emotions. We want to get to them before Fox News does.”

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All Hands on Deck for HRC tomorrow night

The Human Rights Campaign is determined to preserve LGBTQ progress and defend our rights, which are at risk. Join friends and allies Aug. 17 at the Rochester Yacht Club, 6-9 p.m., to learn about HRC’s critical work to ensure equal rights and protection, and what we can do to help.

Tickets are $100 and include 90-minute open bar, picnic-style buffet and a brief program featuring guest speaker Marty Rouse. Go to

Queer Verse: Static Electricity

Static Electricity


By Christopher Coles

What draws Me to You?
What draws You to Me?
Spontaneous Combustion of Our
Static Electricity

“What draw Me to You?
What draws You to Me?
Spontaneous Combustion of our
Static Electricity”

And We Dance…

Earth moving under the crowded beats
of the dance floor..
Silhouettes casting shadows
under the warm cinnamon glow of moonlight.
Sweat salted bodies being drenched with Song..

& I am inspired to dance…

Approaching witin,
the maze of Perfumed Peacocks
Feathers plumbed to the high heavens.
Slipping and squeezing
Row by row thru Skinny jeans
& Torso marked Billboards
that would make Fashion Designers happy;
Senses taken from
the smell of sweat warmed skin

& those who obviously needed to taste their own cologne.

And I dance…

Intoxicated with my Elixir,
Rhythmic beat finds its way thru me
as I am overwhelmed in Song
pumping on the dance floor.

I close my eyes while Disco Melodies
taking over my hips causing them to sway

… Eyes stray!…

Beholding me in Song sensual glory
Tho i haven’t seem to notice anyone watching.

Causing Static!

Electricity! pulsing thru me..
Bassline moving my feet and rolling my hips
as if possessed by the spirit of Lust.
Smiles from across the room and approaching partners join me in dance.
hands grope.. feeling curves thru my body
Tracing the broad of my hips
down to the firm of my backside.
We smile at each other.. and study.. anthropology!
as if the hieroglyphs were written within my chocolate skin.

I feel as free as my dreadlock crown..
I am ready to come undone..

Magnetic attraction
bring you toward me
as dancers intercourse.
…Seeing me See you..
& Somehow i feel..
i know your name.

Yes Ive been to this club a thousand times
but this dance is anew shining brightly
thru my solar plexus
darkened spaces with histories of rainfall
now being evermade into sunlight.

It goes beyond gender,
it glows beyond face,
it goes beyond thickness,
much deeper than race,
to something deeper down

& down deeper still.
trees planted by water
My faith, and My will.

Now Look thru thru theses sensual eyes
tell me What did you see?.
“Well dressed sensual Flesh?”..
Or hidden conversatons with God
to make me.. and mold me…
into something greater than ive ever been.
And in turn, He made me beautiful.

“That which is like itself unto itself will be drawn.”

Static electricity
caused by friction
of the rubbing together
Of Body consciousness.
& Soul consciousness..

causing all of them to cling!.
Cuz ya see…

“You can be born ; Cute
perform yourself well..
and be Sexy
but your conversations with God..

Make you Attractive!.”

” What draws me to You?
What draws you to Me?
Spontaneous combustion of Our
Static Electricity!. ”

@ BakariPoet 4’13


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