CW’s Black Lightning to introduce first Black lesbian superhero: Thunder

A black lesbian superhero is set to make a groundbreaking entrance on your TV screen. Black Lightning, which premieres January 16, features the title character as a father to two daughters: Thunder and Lightning. Thunder, played by by 28-year-old Nafessa Williams, goes by Anissa Pierce when not suited up. Williams told crowds at 2017’s San Diego Comic Con that she feels Anissa is “timely and necessary.” In the comics, Anissa discovers that she has the ability to increase her body’s mass […] Read More

On This Day: LGBTQ History

On this day in 1982: Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. was formed in New York by Edmund White, Larry Kramer, Nathan Fain, Lawrence D. Mass, Paul Popham, and Paul Rapoport. The  formal, tax-exempt entity was originally housed in just a few rooms of a brownstone, owned by Mel Cheren of West End Records. At the time it was the largest volunteer AIDS organization in the world. Rodger McFarlane came on shortly after and began a crisis counseling hotline that originated on his own home telephone, […] Read More

New Gay History Serial Podcast Debuts January 4th

Mattachine, a ten-episode serialized show available free on iTunes January 4, 2018, follows the true story of the secret Mattachine organization that catalyzed the American LGBTQ rights movement in 1950. From a spark of inspiration in 1920s Chicago, through secret speakeasy-style meetings that brought together anonymous homosexuals, the program will open FBI case files to journey through McCarthy-era paranoia and the witch hunt that pulled the communist queer activists apart, scattering the seeds of the movement. Produced and hosted by […] Read More