Families & Friends of Trans Adults

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When someone you know and love comes out as transgender, you, too, are faced with a transition: from being the parent of a son to a daughter or from having a sister to having a brother. Or, perhaps you’re transitioning from having a best guy friend to a best girl friend or from being in a queer relationship that now somehow seems oddly straight. Where can you go to talk about what you’re going through? With whom can you share the difficulties of new pronouns, names, and identities?

With us- Families & Friends of Trans Adults. A newly formed support group where those whose lives include a transgender adult can come together with a facilitator to talk about the transition they’re experiencing, and to share resources & knowledge with one another. The purpose of this group is simple:

“To be a safe place for listening, sharing, support, and information exchange among families and friends of transgender adults.”

You’re not alone- come share with us, we’re family members and friends of transgender adults just like you.

Start Date - End Date

Mar 24, 2015 - Mar 24, 2015

Start Time - End Time

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Event Location

2600 Elmwood Ave Brighton, NY 14618 United States



Gay Alliance


(585) 244-8640

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