Gallery Q Archives – 2017 April

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The Dichotomy of Juxtaposition

April 7 to 28, 2017

Opening Reception: April 7, 2017 (First Friday) from 6pm to 9pm

ImageOut and Gallery Q present, The Dichotomy of Juxtaposition, photographs by Cory Fitzgerald and Dan Larkin.

This exhibition brings together the landscape work of two photographers that is visually complimentary to one another yet poses a stark juxtaposition conceptually. In Fitzgerald’s series Swarm Trail, he explores what he calls, “the tidal zone of civilization.” He shows the edges to which industry and housing sprawls, and where it also fails and recedes. Fitzgerald says of his work, “it is a space of constant flux, anticipation and devastation, and often unclear whether something is coming or is already gone. It is in traces and trails that our imagination, memory, and conjecture formulate and infer existence, and this imaginative impulse is one of humankind’s most beautiful and generative qualities, as well as one of its most terrifying and destructive. This body of work is a collection of images in visual conversation around creation, belief, primal human desire, and destruction, and its relationship to photography.”

In contrast Larkin’s series, Old Cape Cod, explores the beauty of that location. Larkin says, “I’ve never encountered another locale with a quality of light quite like outer Cape Cod. Stuck out there in the ocean, the peninsula is luminescent. Sunlight radiates from the sky, reflects off the water, and bounces around off the sand revealing everything with an incredible clarity. My interest lies in showing more than how it looks. That, to me, is the difference between taking a picture and making a photograph. I place trust in an ability to suggest how it might have felt.”