Canisius College: Unity

At Canisius, Unity is a student run organization that implements club-wide and campus-wide programs and initiatives to educate the community on GLBT issues with the goal of creating a more accepting atmosphere free of homophobic behavior.

Unity as a support system:

On the Canisius level and within our own group, the mission of Unity is to provide students an atmosphere where they will feel safe discussing issues concerning gender and sexuality. Unity is a safe place where members can feel free being who they are and saying what they feel.

Unity as a networking body:

At Canisius, Unity will exist as one of over 110 clubs and organizations on campus and will seek to co-sponsor events and network with these other groups to increase name recognition and inter-campus support. On a larger scale, Unity looks to keep in contact with sister Jesuit schools’ Gay-Straight Alliances, as well as local schools and organizations in the Western New York GLBT community, and seek to provide assistance through manpower, fundraising, and creativity.

2001 Main St.