Manhattan Square Family Medicine

Family Medicine is centered on caring, lasting relationships with patients and their families. Family Physicians care for newborns, children, teenagers, and adults across all ages and medical issues. We are committed to our patients in the following ways:
-We are specialists in Family Medicine, and are committed to providing comprehensive, family-centered care that is grounded in compassion.
-We are committed to urban practice. The city is home to the greatest diversity of income, religion, and ethnicity in the region. We respect the individuality and dignity of each of our patients.
-We advocate for our patients in the community. While personal care is the foundation of our day-to-day practice, we also work with other agencies to promote healthy living.
-Everyone in the office works as a team to provide the highest quality of care and safety – because medical care is no longer all about the physician, but rather about the entire team of individuals who cares for you.
-We are a learning community – we continue to read and to inform each other of new scientific literature and best practices to provide the best care possible.

454 East Broad Street, Suite 100