New Freedom New Happiness Group

Open LGBT AA Meeting, all are welcome. Alcoholics, addicts, partners, family and friends. Straight friendly. Mixed men and women. Handicapped accessible, take elevator to the basement.

Wednesdays at 7:00PM at the First Unitarian Church

Bus riders:

* Take the 6:17 pm #18 University Ave bus to 12 Corners. Use the stop just past the top of the hill at Hillside Ave and before Highland Ave.

* The #18 does NOT return after the meeting. Instead walk five minutes downhill to East Ave and Winton Rd, turn left and wait for the 8:59 pm #1 Park Ave bus at the East Ave Wegmans. Better yet, ask someone at the meeting for a ride.

After our meetings we frequently go out for coffee, dinner, or a movie.

220 S. Winton Road