Pride in the Pulpit

Pride in the Pulpit

Our Mission

Pride in the Pulpit confronts religious-based bigotry by building a network of congregations and leaders of faith throughout New York State who advocate for equality and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) New Yorkers and their families.

Why We Do This Work

For too long, those who oppose equality and justice for LGBT people have used the pulpit and other places of worship to falsely define and defile us. To stop this spiritual aggression, we need to organize and elevate the voices of leaders of faith who support equality and justice for LGBT people and their families.

Who We Are

Pride in the Pulpit is made up of hundreds of congregations and leaders of faith representing a whole host of denominations and faith traditions. We are Methodist ministers in Syracuse, Reform rabbis in Westchester, Roman Catholics in Utica, Buddhist priests in New York City, and proud people of faith throughout New York State. We are united in our willingness to advocate for the LGBT community.

What Pride in the Pulpit Does

Elevates the voices of LGBT-supportive clergy in the community, in the media, and with elected officials.

Gives leaders of faith the tools they need to successfully advocate and build support for LGBT issues where they live in New York State

Works with congregations and clergy to reclaim the spirituality of LGBT people and repair the damage that has been done by those who seek to divide and oppress.

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