R.J.’s Handyman & Home organization services

Offering basic handyman services as well as home organization to get you back on track.
Some of the services we offer are:
hanging Lightbulbs
Replace faucets/shower heads
Changing air filter on a/c and central heating system
Toilet repair
Plunging clogs
Dry wall repair
Window treatments (curtain/blinds installations)
Dryer vent cleaning
Pest control
Wall hangings (Pictures, mirrors, etc.)
Furniture Assembly
Battery replacement on watches, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, clocks, etc.
Domestic pet waste removal
General housekeeping
Tool cleaning/rust removal
Storm window placement
Garage/attic clean up
Try out our organization services too! Not only will we de clutter/clean, but we can also set up a system that works for you to continue on the path of “clutter free living!” And if you decide you want us to return on a regular basis to continue taming future clutter, we can do that too!

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New York
United States