RATFA (Rochester Area Task Force on AIDS)

The mission of Rochester Area Task Force on AIDS (RATFA, Inc.) is to recognize, evaluate, and respond to current and emerging issues related to HIV/AIDS in our nine county region in upstate New York. RATFA, Inc. will accomplish this by supporting collaborative forums for individuals and agencies to develop comprehensive plans that address identified needs. RATFA, Inc. values inclusivity, open communication, respect, and empowerment as tools to accomplish its mission.


RATFA seeks to:

Monitor trends in the epidemic.

Promote coordinated health and social service programs for people infected and affected by HIV.

Provide a forum for networking and coordination among PWAs and HIV-related service providers.

Empower PWAs to be full partners in their own care, in policy setting, in service development, and in community prevention activities.

Encourage PWAs, those affected by HIV, and providers to speak out on community needs.

Prepare AIDS Service Delivery Plans to guide service development.

Promote prevention initiatives throughout the community.

Stimulate prevention initiatives in populations most at risk.

Encourage people living with HIV/AIDS to be full partners in their own care, in prevention activities, in local service development, and in state and federal policy setting.

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