RIT Scholarships for RCSD Graduates

Rochester Institute of Technology is offering a significant scholarship program for graduates of the Rochester City School District who are admitted as freshmen to full-time study in baccalaureate programs at the university. The scholarship/grant program, for those meeting eligibility requirements, will cover full tuition at RIT for city students admitted to the freshman class starting in fall of 2010.

Eligibility requirements for the scholarship break down as follows.

Students must:

* Attend Rochester City Schools District for three years of high

school, and must reside in the district for these three years

* Be accepted to the freshmen class by RIT for full-time

enrollment in any of the university’s baccalaureate programs

* Enter directly from high school in their graduation year and

submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

* Come from families with income levels below $60,000

* Be certified by their high school counselors during the

admission process as meeting residency requirements

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Bausch & Lomb Center, 56 Lomb Memorial Drive
585-475-2186 TTY 585-475-6909