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Lifetime Care Rochester

We exist to provide compassionate, personalized care for recovering and restoring of health, improving quality of life, and maintaining independence in the home and home-like settings of all adults and children who are ill, injured, dying or grieving.
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Lore McSpadden, NSCA-certified personal trainer

Lore McSpadden, NSCA-certified personal trainer and StrongFirst-certified barbell and kettlebell instructor, is a body-positive/HAES coach with experience with barbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight training. Ze has experience training people of different ages, sizes, gender identities, and experience levels, and can help you safely and effectively meet your individual strength and fitness goals.

Whether you want to move better, prepare for a strength competition, improve your cardiovascular conditioning, or incorporate exercise into your plan to help your body more accurately reflect your true gender identity, Lore can help. Some of the services that ze offers are personal training, small group training, and sports performance classes at the YMCA of Greater Rochester; private training; online training; and individualized goal-specific programming.

Lore empowers clients to manifest their full potential while moving safely and having fun. Her welcoming, enthusiastic energy and conscious attention to the development of good form and functional movement patterns make training with her comfortable, challenging, and effective.

Phone: 574-377-2065

The Massage Matrix

Greetings, my name is Mason J. Rodriguez. I live in the beautiful city of Canandaigua and graduated from Finger Lakes Community College in 2016. I studied Therapeutic Massage and Integrated Healthcare and I have a degree in Applied Science. I am a New York State registered, licensed and fully insured Massage Therapist, as well as a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

My primary focus in bodywork is to distinguish and treat existing pain due to stress, overuse, misuse and/or abuse and ultimately to help my client establish deep relaxation and release within the body. I believe massage, energy work and intention can help unify and aid in healing the whole self. Using a combination of fluid motion, nurturing touch and symmetry, I create a relaxed state in the body and mind while tending to each client’s individual needs.

I practice a mixture of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, as well as SOMA Cupping to release muscle tension. Other modalities I practice are Reflexology and Prenatal Massage. I have continued my education and training with the Upledger Institute and am a Certified (Level 1) CranioSacral Therapist.

Most importantly though, I am the proud father of two awesome cats and even more proud to be sharing my life with my exceptional partner, Aurora, who is the beautiful woman behind whatever I do, supporting all my endeavors and dreams in life. She is by far, my biggest supporter and cheerleader.

I work out of Canandaigua Wellness at 514 S. Main Street (Billiard Square), Canandaigua. I appreciate and value all of my current clients-I learn so very much from all of you! The trust you exhibit is truly a gift, thank you. I am always ready to honor new clients and the connection they all have to offer as individuals. Healing you, heals me.

I look forward to serving the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community.

514 S. Main St. (Billiard Square)
New York