“Creative Chameleon Finds Acceptance: A story for gender self-identifying kids”

Counselor Adrianne Wagner, MA, NCC, takes you and your child on a journey with Creative Chameleon, who learns to trust herself as she encounters several teachers on her path to self-acceptance. Creative Chameleon is a helpful resource for teaching acceptance of self and others to children who are gender self-identifying. But she will capture the hearts and imaginations of all children, as her encounters offer wisdom and insight into feeling “different,” identifying and expressing emotions, and accepting and loving who you are. With helpful questions, recommendations and resources for caregivers, as well as drawing pages for emotional processing for children, “Creative Chameleon finds Acceptance,” will be a resource that you will come back to again and again as your child develops.

P.O. Box 3663
Grand Junction
United States
365 Fresh

365 Fresh is a Specialty Cut Flower Farm, growing more than 80 different varieties of specialty cut flowers. Fresh offers fresh local cut flowers like sunflowers, dahlias and hydrangeas direct from our Livonia farm, to residents and businesses in and around the Rochester area. Contact us for fresh, local cut flowers for your home, business, DIY Wedding or any special events.
37 Elmhurst St
United States
A Step Apart
235 Park Avenue
(585) 241-3110
Aaron’s Alley

Aaron’s Alley is a vintage clothing store on Monroe Avenue. They very cool stuff as well as concert tickets for local shows, with no surcharge.

Aaron’s Alley proudly displays The Empty Closet newspaper in their store.

662 Monroe Avenuer
(585) 244-5044
Abundance Cooperative Market

Abundance Cooperative Market is Rochester’s first and only cooperatively-owned natural products retail grocer.
62 Marshall St
Amanda’s Garden

Amanda’s Garden Native Perennial Nursery specializes in propagating and growing native perennial wildflowers, ferns, grasses and sedges. Since our inception in 1991, our mission has been to preserve and promote native habitat by creating high quality, healthy native plants. We strive not only to create sustainable habitats, but also to meet the unique needs of our customers.

We grow over 150 kinds of native perennials, mostly from seeds or spores which are harvested from plants native to the Northeast and specifically grown for propagation. You can visit them! While at our nursery in Dansville, NY you can enjoy garden tours and hands-on demonstrations. During your visit you can pick up plants in person. We also ship our plants to addresses in the Northeastern US. Plants are shipped only bare-root and dormant. You can order online from our website or by phone, email or mail order.

Amanda’s Garden’s excellent supply of nursery-propagated perennials come ready for planting and are durable and beautiful. These plants provide food and habitat for butterflies, moths, bees and birds. Native animals depend on and are drawn to robust native ecosystems.

It is important to us that our customers have the knowledge to create a satisfying native garden that will provide years of enjoyment. We can help with plant selection and provide technical assistance as your garden develops. Planting wildflowers and native plants is an ecologically sound practice that allows even the weekend gardener to make a significant contribution to the quality of our shared environment.

Amanda's Garden
8030 Story Road
New York
United States
Ambient Candle Company Gift Shop
367 Park Avenue
Auction Direct USA: Used Vehicle Superstore

Auction Direct USA was formed in Rochester, New York in 2005 by a handful of rebellious automotive businessmen who loved the car business but not the current practices used to sell cars. Using their combined 70 years of automotive experience with wholesale auto auctions and automotive retailing, the exciting new sales environment of Auction Direct USA was created. The result was a completely “customer-driven” sales process in a fun, open atmosphere, with a tremendous selection of vehicles at really low prices.

The automobile business will never be the same.
6520 State Route 96
Bausch & Lomb
One Bausch & Lomb Place
Bergen Water Gardens and Nursery

Ponds and supplies, lilies and lotus, water plants, dwarf conifers, goldfish, koi and much more!
7443 Buffalo Rd