Aceto, John (MS, LMHC)

I provide a safe, confidential space for self exploration and therapy for the LGBTQ community. My speciality is treating depression, anxiety and life stressors, including relationship issues. I am also interested in providing care for LGBT youth/adolescents. And I have several years of experience counseling people living with HIV/AIDS and transgendered people. I’m also a gay man who has been very active in our community for over 20 yrs. My office hours are flexible, offering day, evening and Saturday hours. Please contact me for a consultation to see you I can meet your needs.

2000 Winton Rd South, Bldg 4A
Anllo, Lisa (Ph.D, LLC)

Specialties: Marital/Sex Therapy, Cancer Survivorship, General Psychotherapy (Adults only, 18 +) Ms. Anllo has been recommended as a transgender welcoming and knowledgeable therapist.

406 Linwood Avenue
Center for Adolescent & Young Adult Health

We are a full-service, free-standing office specializing in the medical and mental health care of adolescents and young adults (ages 10-30).

Dr. Jeffrey Alberts, MD, an adolescent and young adult health care specialist, provides care in a comfortable environment separate from the pediatric clinic.

We provide comprehensive medical, social, and psychological screening and care with every annual physical examination or as indicated for health concern visits and consultations.

We provide sufficient time to meet alone with patients to foster their transition into adulthood where accepting more responsibility and advocating for their own health care needs is ideal for development of independence and maturity.

We provide confidential opportunities for teens and young adults to comfortably seek advice and address all health concerns freely.

Longer appointment times allow for thorough medical and mental health care recognizing that both are components of health and illness.

Dedicated advocacy for family, educational, legal and vocational agencies is provided as needed.

Your busy schedule is appreciated, teens may be seen without requiring the presence of a parent if prior permission is arranged.

* Dr. Alberts has been recommended to us as a transgender knowledgeable and welcoming provider.
1081 Long Pond Rd., Suite 240
Deutsch, Tansy (PsyD)

Individual & Group Therapy. Licensed Psychologist Specialties: Anxiety & Depression, Abuse & Trauma, DBT, Relationships, Grief, Gender & Sexuality Issues.

Dr. Deutsch has been recommended to us as a transgender friendly and knowledgeable therapist. She also runs a transgender therapy group. Call for information.
36 Westchester Ave
Dr. Kathryn S. Castle, Ph.D., LMHC

If you’re considering or going through the process of transitioning, it’s likely that you have plenty to deal with. You may even be required to receive therapy in order to progress through the transitioning process. My therapeutic approach is aimed at lightening the load, rather than just being another base to cover. In my office, you won’t have to withhold information for fear that your words or thoughts will hinder your process.

For you and your family, transitioning brings a whole new realm of ideas and scenarios. Even with the most incredible support system, there’s plenty to learn through the self-exploration offered by therapy that can make the experience better. Transitioning isn’t a new idea for me, and my practice will provide a comfortable place where you can truly embrace your feelings, your new perspective, and any struggles that you face.

Dr. Kathy Castle
46 Prince Street, Suite LL004
Eleni Economides LMFT

Eleni Economides is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that is LGBT knowledgeable and affirming. She has extensive training in couples therapy and shen currently is attending the Sexual Health Program (Sex Therapy Track) at the University of Michigan.
625 Panorama Trail
Foley, Dennis J. (PhD)

Licensed psychologist and clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the U. of R. Specializes in individual and couples therapy, multicultural/diversity consultations, LGBTQI concerns, HIV/AIDS and chronic illness, trauma and relationship violence, grief and bereavement, recovery issues, and depression/anxiety/self-concept issues. Transgender knowledgeable and friendly.

247 Park Avenue
585-244-0613 ext. 5
Forbes-Jones, Emma (PhD)
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My practice includes a significant proportion of gender variant and transgender youth. When someone is contemplating a gender transition it is my approach to work with the whole family as everyone transitions during a gender transition! I have over ten years of experience helping children, teens, young adults and their families navigate a successful gender transition, if needed. I also conduct a play/parent group for gender variant kids (12 and under) and their families.
900 Winton Road South
Gender and Sexuality Psychosocial Program at Children’s National Medical Center

The Gender/Sexuality Development Program (GSDP), directed by Edgardo Menvielle, MD, MSHS provides outpatient psychosocial evaluations and therapeutic services for children, adolescents and their families.

The program works with children (and their families) on these issues:

* Behaviors considered at variance with generally-accepted gender roles

* Sexual identity issues

* Gender identity issues

* Psychosocial aspects of Disorders of Sex Development (DSD), also known as instersex conditions (congenital genital variations)

* Co-occurring mental health disorders among children and teens in the above categories

The program is directed by Edgardo Menvielle, MD, M.S.H.S.

111 Michigan Ave, NW, Suite 1200