When you come in to the offices of the Gay Alliance, it is always a pleasure to see Robyn’s face at the reception desk. Robyn’s welcoming smile always greets you, and if you have a minute she always has an interesting story to tell you. Robyn not only works at the Gay Alliance but also gives her time to other community organizations such as Sage Rochester, TAGR and LORA.

Robyn Sheppard is our October Volunteer of the Month.

“I started volunteering with GAGV in April of this year. I’m retired, and decided I was spending far to much time on Facebook than was healthy. Volunteering was just the thing I needed to get me doing something productive.

Tuesday mornings find me in my chair, answering phones, addressing mail, and entering survey results. My years of experience as a clerk/typist are finally coming in handy! I’ve also represented GAGV at a couple of health fairs, and will be doing another one in October.

I’ve been aware of GAGV since moving to Rochester in the fall of 1999; now that I work here, I’ve just become more amazed at all of the community’s achievements, and am proud to be associated with Rochester’s LGBT community, especially as represented by GAGV.”