Participant Feedback

Feedback From our 2017 Presentations

The LGBTQ Academy at the Out Alliance prides itself on the quality of our educational programming. We never leave the room without offering our participants an evaluation form so they can give us feedback on what worked and where we can improve. From the 216 presentations that we offered in 2017, 98% of the participants rated the overall presentation “very good” to “excellent.”

Feedback from 2017 Evaluation Forms:

“Freaking Awesome. Everything about the workshop was engaging, fun, stimulating and informative. I wish I had some constructive criticism, but it was honestly perfect. I wish the whole training was longer. I am so empowered by this training.”

“I have no suggestions for improvement – this was one of the best trainings I have attended in my 20+ years in my field!”

“Fabulous. I have been in the district for over 10 years and this was the best conference I attended!”

“Not sure how it could be better. I would definitely recommend this to all. Thank you! You have given me the tools to assist humanity.”

“I saw this would be a 2 hour presentation and thought – OVERKILL. (I packed work to do.) I was engaged the entire time and found this entirely useful and relevant. NOT overkill. Our community needs this. Our school can be the foundation of a more welcoming and safe community for everyone.”

“OMG – this was totally the best PD I’ve been to in FOREVER!!!  Thank you!!!”

“The caring and gentle style of redirecting and molding conversations and feedback was some of the best I have ever seen and I’ve seen LOTS of facilitators. This training was more than I expected.”

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned from this training. Honestly, I was not expecting anything close to what I experienced; I’ve attended many trainings in the past, and this was by far at the top.”

“This is one of the best learning experiences I have ever experienced and I have attended LOTS of workshops and trainings over the years. The only thing that could improve this workshop was if it was a week long! Seriously, I leave wanting more. Thank you!”

“This was excellent! You cannot remain unknowing, resistant, insensitive and careless in thought and conversation after attending this presentation.”

“The best part was the realization that I am freed from a Powerpoint presentation. I am walking away with more resources than I could have imagined. Perfect! This experience exceeded all of my expectations.”

“Best in-service ever. (I’ve been teaching for 22 years.)”