Participant Feedback

Feedback from 2016 Participants

The LGBTQ Academy at the Out Alliance prides itself on the quality of our presentations and trainings. In 2016 we provided over 275 trainings and presentations and spoke with over 10,000 participants. Information tallied from post-presentation evaluations from 2016 show that 98% of participants rated both the knowledge of our presenters and the overall presentation “very good” to “excellent.” Below are some comments taken from our 2016 post-presentation evaluations.

About our SafeZone Train-the-Trainer Certification Program:

“This is in many ways the crème de la crème of workshops. Cannot think of any areas for improvement. The trainers were clearly very comfortable with one another and their rapport showed. Excellent! I would recommend this training without hesitation. This was, again, perhaps the best diversity training I ever experienced”

“Both presenters: 1) are very likable 2) very knowledgeable on topics covered 3) made audience want to engage 4) are fun people, and funny! 5) are great presenters. Definitely the best training/conference I have been to.”

“Nothing could have made this better. I feel this program and the presenters are amazing and doing an excellent job staying up to date. I have never felt so safe in my entire life and I have never felt as passionate about something as I do now.”

About our Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools, Campuses or Workplaces Training:

“Let me start out by saying WOW!!! … You both were outstanding and did an amazing job of connecting with our employees…You make me proud to be part of the community and part of the reason I choose to continue to support the Gay Alliance!”

“Both were positive, entertaining, sincere, comforting. It was great!! God, it made me more comfortable about EVERYTHING!! LOVED IT!!”

“Best presentation I’ve ever been to at our school!! Please make this mandatory for all teachers in our district!”

About our SafeZone Training:

“How lucky we are in Western NY to have this organization! I really appreciated all of it. I facilitate for a living – you two are excellent. Kudos!”

“I learned how to be a better support system and advocate for my students. Super interactive and personal, which I think is critical to effective learning. Don’t change a thing!”

“All the strategies and case studies that can be applied to varied teaching situations. Explaining information in ways that were easy to understand and very contextual for the group. I cannot think of anything that could have made this better. Very well done. Training that really should be part of professional development for all staff.”

About our SpeakOUT Training:

“Everything and more than I’d hoped. The trainers were the best – crammed a ton of information into presentations, participation and different activities – educational FUN. Just thanks.”

“Enlightening, positive and fun. The trainers were so patient with us. Everyone was able to share and engage. This was an amazing experience. I feel energized and ready to talk to the world!!”

“Absolutely enlightening, eye-opening and inspiring. I learned so much about myself and the community and have so much more I want to learn. The best part was friendships/relationships made, watching the trainers do their thing for 8 hours, learning how to better handle tough conversations. Love and forgive myself. Please continue the great work. Workshops like this are the change we need.”

About our Transgender Healthcare Panel:

“I learned that many ‘normal’ aspects of doctor visits can potentially lead to opting out due to how uncomfortable it makes transgender people…and what we can do to help as health care workers. Absolutely loved the presentation.”

“Barefaced honesty. Gave our class a perspective that we may have not been accustomed to deal with. Thank you for being open about your experiences.”

“100% heart and soul. Fabulous for my practice. Absolutely fantastic!”