Communicating Respectfully with LGBTQ Individuals

Communicating Respectfully with LGBTQ Individuals

TIME: 1-2 hours
People who are unfamiliar with the LGBTQ communities are sometimes fearful of saying the wrong thing to LGBTQ people. Too often, worried that they will accidentally offend, they are silenced. At the LGBTQ Academy at the Gay Alliance we encourage dialogue and conversation as a way to learn about different cultures, grow in our understanding and change our policies and behaviors in order to create more inclusive spaces. In this interactive presentation, LGBTQ Academy Speakers Bureau members share well-meaning questions or comments, via Powerpoint, that they find offensive, why they dislike it and what would be a better way to talk with them about the subject. This presentation is facilitated by an LGBTQ Academy Trainer and it goes beyond basic terminology.  It gets to the heart of understanding LGBTQ identities and helps us learn respectful ways to communicate.

Feedback from Communicating Respectfully with LGBTQ Individuals (February 2017)

“Awesome speakers who knew a lot of information and were willing to share their stories. Thank you!!”

“Excellent! Wonderfully incorporated humor! They were great!”

“It was so insightful and taught me a lot! Thank you!”

“Presenters were open and honest and made us comfortable. It was great!”

“Preparation of the presenters – practical suggestions- telling their personal stories. Nothing could have made this better!”

“Information was useful and applicable to education, presenters made it engaging. Great job!”

100% of the participants from this workshop rated this training “excellent.”

For more information or to request a presentation please contact or 585-244-8640.