Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools and Campuses

Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools and Campuses

TIME: 2-4 hours

While progress is slowly being made to create more welcoming and inclusive schools and campuses, there is still much to be done. For LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff and parents the school environment can pose numerous threats and obstacles. This dynamic, interactive workshop includes information on inclusive language, the current climate in our schools and colleges, understanding sexual and gender identity, creating inclusive classrooms/spaces and responding respectfully and appropriately to questions and concerns from students, co-workers and parents. We will also discuss taking proactive steps to creating inclusive spaces where all students, teachers and staff are empowered to reach their full potential.

Feedback from Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools and Campuses in Rochester (February 2018)

“Wow! The information was amazing!”

“Inclusiveness without judgement. Real life applications. A+”

“Easy to follow – safe environment. Thank you! Great presentation!”

“Excellent job! Thank you for your honesty.”

“Great presentation style – welcoming, knowledgeable, passionate.”

“Well presented, gave a lot of information, clarified terminology. Very worthwhile workshop.”

“I learned ways to create safe and supportive schools for all!”

“The whole thing was great, loved the humor.”

“Comfortable interactions, personal experience, freedom to ask questions without fear of offending. You guys are awesome! We are lucky to have you!”

97% of the participants from this presentation rated both this workshop and our trainers “very good” to “excellent.”

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