LGBTQ+ 101: An Introduction to LGBTQ+ Identities

LGBTQ+ 101: An Introduction to LGBTQ+ Identities

TIME: 1-2 hours

For over 40 years this presentation has been the cornerstone of our education programs.  The presentation provides participants with a general understanding of LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, plus a whole bunch more!) identities. Trained Speakers Bureau members will share their personal coming out stories. They will discuss basic terms and vocabulary, including the distinction between sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. This format encourages dialogue and provides ample time for participants to ask questions and get honest answers. This presentation can be run with two presenters for a smaller classroom setting or as a panel presentation for a larger assembly. Perfect for honest conversations with middle and high school students, parents, teachers, college campuses, healthcare providers, faith communities, etc.

Feedback from LGBTQ+ 101 in the Rochester area (December 2017)

“I learned the importance of language – subtle ways for all to feel included. Excellent presenters. Fantastic!”

“Super relaxed and approachable. Thank you so much, our school needs you!”

“Energy, honesty, knowledge. Nothing could have made this better. Wonderful!”

“Speakers comfort and openness. Outstanding!”

“So comfortable and able to make us comfortable. I wish it had been twice as long.”

“I learned how doing something as simple as changing the language I use in my classroom can make a huge impact.”

100% of the participants from this presentation rated both the training and our facilitators “very good” to “excellent.”

For more information or to request a presentation please contact or 585-244-8640.