Meeting the Health Needs of Transgender Clients

Meeting the Health Needs of Transgender Clients

TIME: 2-3 hours

One third of the transgender and gender expansive individuals surveyed in 2015 reported having at least one negative healthcare experience related to their trans identities, such as being refused treatment, being verbally harassed, being physically or sexually assaulted or having to teach their provider about transgender people in order to get appropriate care. Transgender clients face huge health care disparities and barriers to care in the US. In this interactive presentation Out Alliance Speakers Bureau members share specific health-related situations that they have experienced as well as tips and best practices for creating welcoming and inclusive spaces.

Feedback from Meeting the Health Needs of Transgender Clients in Rochester (October 2017)

“It was wonderful. Very interactive.”

“The speakers were very dynamic and engaging.”

“You two are amazing!”

“Loved this presentation! Keep coming back!”

“Hearing about experiences and knowing better ways to interact with trans people. I think it was great.”

“Open, frank, respectful conversation. Kindness, friendly.”

“Excellent presentation! Thank you!!”

100% of the participants from this workshop rated our trainer “very good” to “excellent.”

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