Creating Transgender Inclusive Workplaces and Agencies

Creating Transgender Inclusive Workplaces and Agencies

TIME: 2-4 hours

Creating safe and inclusive workplaces and agencies for all people, regardless of gender identity or gender expression, improves the well-being of employees and customers as well. With equitable and respectful policies and practices, transgender, non-binary and gender expansive customers will feel more comfortable requesting services and transgender employees are likely to be more productive at work and more invested in social interactions with co-workers. In this interactive presentation an LGBTQ Academy Trainer will share some of the realities of being transgender in the workplace, some critical tips for respectful communication and some best practice suggestions for communicating respectfully and creating a safe and supportive workplace.

Feedback From Creating Transgender Inclusive Workplaces and Agencies in Rochester (July 2017)

“The presenter was professional and very open, willing to answer any question.”

“Great presenter. Nothing could have made this better.”

“Awesome, learned a lot.”

“Well versed and able to present info in an understandable manner.”

“It was a great presentation.”

100% of the participants from this workshop rated both the training and the presenter “very good” to “excellent.”

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