SafeZone Train-the-Trainer Certification Program

SafeZone Train-the-Trainer Certification Program

The LGBTQ Academy SafeZone Train-the-Trainer Certification Program is a program created to develop confident, knowledgeable and effective SafeZone trainers, who can establish sustainable SafeZone Programs in their schools, on their college campuses and in their workplaces.

The SafeZone Train-the-Trainer Certification Program is an interactive 8 hour course, which includes activities, small group discussions and opportunities for practicing skills as educators. Topics covered include:

  • Educational Philosophy
  • Suggested Exercises for Increasing Knowledge
  • Suggested Exercises for Taking Action
  • Encouraging Dialogue and Understanding Your Audience
  • Answering Questions Effectively
  • Behind-The-Scenes Tips for Successful Facilitation
  • Suggestions for Continuing Education
  • Creating Sustainable SafeZone Programs on Campus and in the Workplace

This workshop can be run as a one day 8 hour session or two half day sessions. During this course, participants will be coached in running SafeZone trainings and offered opportunities to ask and answer questions in a supportive environment using the teaching skills that they acquire. Each participant will receive a SafeZone Training manual that will provide a complete course guide for running SafeZone Trainings, a review of material from the course, best practices for successful facilitation, suggested reading to extend knowledge, handouts to use in future SafeZone Trainings, a certificate of course completion and an official SafeZone sticker and lapel pin. On-going support will be provided to all participants for up to 3 years following the presentation to offer assistance and access to all of our updated materials. In addition if we come to your campus or workplace, we will provide you with feedback on your website presence with our website “report card” and strategize ways to create more LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces.

Feedback From Our Most Recent SafeZone Train-the-Trainer Certification Programs

LGBTQ Academy at the Out Alliance – New York (January 2018)

“It was the BEST training I have been to, bar none.”

“The best conference I have been to. Loved the format, discussion, activity, tips, etc.”

“A profound and much-needed focus and emphasis on the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion. This has been really wonderful. Life changing. Thank you.”

Argonne National Laboratory – Illinois (November 2017)

“Presenters were tremendous. Appreciated their openness and ability to create an environment for all to participate.”

“Presenters were excellent, made me feel comfortable sharing.”

“Tips for diffusing tension, engaging in difficult conversations…it was pretty awesome.”

Springfield Technical Community College – Massachusetts (October 2017)

“This is one of the best learning experiences I have ever experienced and I have attended LOTS of workshops and trainings over the years. The only thing that could improve this workshop was if it was a week long! Seriously, I leave wanting more. Thank you!”

“Empowering! Welcoming! Inclusive! Safe! You both are fantastic!”

“This was an awesome training and opportunity to not only examine our personal knowledge and awareness, but also to examine our institution and policies.”

SUNY Oswego – New York (October 2017)

“Very eye-opening. Well run, helpful, informative and really empowering. A well oiled machine. Right on the money.”

Great presentation. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be here.”

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this training to my friends and co-workers. I am so grateful for this opportunity. You are amazing!”

98% of the participants from these trainings rated both our training and our facilitators “very good” to “excellent.”


Six Month Follow Up Data:

When asked in our 6 month follow up survey, sent to all participants from 2013 to December 2017: “Were there skills or pieces of information that you wish you had received that weren’t included in the training or manual?” 100% responded: “No, I got everything I needed.”

Follow Up Quote from a Participant From April 2017:

“THANK YOU for an awesome training! My life is still buzzing! Yes, my life is literally buzzing all because of the experience I had there! I will never be the same, speak the same or interact the same…I look forward to recommending this training to ALL that work with PEOPLE.  It’s just that simple to me…”

Note: SafeZone Train-the-Trainer participants must be fully on board with LGBTQ+ equality and should have a basic knowledge of LGBTQ+ issues. Participants, once trained, will be prepared to train others in the interest of support for LGBTQ+ individuals, community education and social change. Trainees are not allowed to profit from this curriculum by charging for this service (beyond material expenses). Trainees may not market or sell the Out Alliance Train-the-Trainer manual in part or in full.

For more information, to request a training or to get on our notification list for our upcoming trainings please contact or 585-244-8640.