SpeakOUT: Providing Successful LGBTQ Education

Please join us for SpeakOUT, a workshop on successful LGBTQ Education. SpeakOUT training participants become more confident and articulate while talking with others about LGBTQ issues. We will focus on your personal story as a tool for education, responding to questions mindfully, understanding your audience and tips for respectful communication. A great experience for someone new to LGBTQ issues, or someone who has lived or worked with the issues for years. No matter your identity (transgender, lesbian, gay, straight, bi, cisgender, etc.) this class will be of value to you. Think of it as professional development for your life!

The class is offered twice a year and is open and appropriate for everyone; all ages, all identities, all experiences and will prepare participants to successfully advocate for and address challenges to full LGBTQ inclusion. A perfect workshop for counselors, teachers, student leaders, Dignity Act Coordinators, social workers, nurses, etc.

Participants in SpeakOUT classes in Rochester will have the option of completing additional training to become an LGBTQ Academy Speakers Bureau Educator.

NOTE: The prerequisite for this training is the LGBTQ Academy’s SafeZone Training! If you have not taken this course, please register! A morning and an evening SafeZone Training will be offered prior to this SpeakOUT Training.

What participants from our November 2016 SpeakOUT Training had to say:

“Everything and more than I’d hoped. The trainers were the best – crammed a ton of information into presentations, participation and different activities – educational FUN. Just thanks.”

“Very informative, dynamic presenter, well structured, well organized, easily comprehended – WELL DONE!! Thank you for your knowledge, your stories and your compassion.”

“Diverse, informative, respectful and inclusive. The best part was the engaging, personable, OUTSTANDING presenters!”

“Today was affirming, eye-opening and touching – I feel so much more educated and comfortable to talk about LGBTQ+ issues. Nothing I can think of could have made this any better. The trainers were so good at fielding questions and keeping us on topic while listening to our needs.”

“Very well structured and engaging experience. Ideas people can make use of in a number of roles. Evidenced sophisticated understanding of adult learning needs. The educational and non-shaming approach employed in changing hearts and minds. Modeled what they were teaching. Experience with all kinds of participants really shows.”

“Absolutely enlightening, eye-opening and inspiring. I learned so much about myself and the community and have so much more I want to learn. The best part was friendships/relationships made, watching the trainers do their thing for 8 hours, learning how to better handle tough conversations. Love and forgive myself. Please continue the great work. Workshops like this are the change we need.”

100% of the participants from this presentation rated this workshop and our trainers “very good” to “excellent.”

For more information or to request a SpeakOUT training at your workplace or campus please contact education@gayalliance.org or 585-244-8640.