STSO Development Volunteer

Development for Shoulders To Stand On Documentary

Video Kit and Updating

Develop a video kit to accompany the Documentary Shoulders To Stand On, and serve as a marketing tool. The kit would contain basic information about the documentary including: summary of the documentary; list of partners involved in the production of the documentary; biographies of Executive Producer, Director, Producer, Editor, Videographer; description of the STSO Committee, brief historical chronology from beginning to end for making the documentary; brief description of each chapter; a short study guide; trailer; photographs. Develop a questionnaire for pre and post viewing. Update information in kit.

Educational Materials for Schools

The Shoulders to Stand On documentary has been broken down into 19 chapters that can be viewed individually or in a series. For each chapter an Educational Guide is being developed to present a detailed outline of the information, a chronology of historical events, references, and contextual information connecting the issues to local, state and national events. A vocabulary list of terms, locations, events, and persons will accompany the guide. A list of questions will be developed for each chapter. This guide will become the primary resource tool for educators and others wanting to present our history, organize lectures and discussions.

Volunteers are needed:

RESEARCH topics for inclusion in Educational Guide.

DEVELOP questions for each chapter.

Website and Blog

Develop new pages for website and blog on LGBT History