STSO Fundraising Volunteer

Fundraising for Shoulders to Stand On

Fundraising activities will be focused on specific aspects of the Shoulders To Stand On Program:

Archival Needs –

  • Identifying and locating record collections from individuals, agencies, organizations, groups, clubs, etc.
  • Surveying and arranging record collections
  • Create finding aids for the record collections.
  • Salaried Archival Consultant

Preservation Needs –

  • Place record collections in permanent repositories
  • Digitize and /or microfilm collections
  • Salaried Archival Consultant

Documentation Needs –

  • Keep records of archival and preservation processes
  • Keep a timeline of who, what, where and when
  • Salaried Archival Consultant

Film Documentation –  

  • Audio taping
  • Video taping
  • Editing

Anyone who wants to assist in this effort please contact

Possible Fundraising events: House parties, historical presentations, coffee hours, etc