If you have visited Gallery Q and have admired the exhibits there, our October volunteer of the month is one of the people you should thank. Alice Carver-Kubik has worked tirelessly along with the Gallery Q team to provide the gallery space at the Gay Alliance that we are certainly proud of.

Alice says: I first came to Rochester to study at the George Eastman Museum in the photographic preservation and collections management masters program. I’m originally from a little town in northern Indiana called Michigan City (it’s right on Lake Michigan). After graduate school I moved to Washington DC for an internship at the National Gallery of Art.

I returned to Rochester a year later to pursue love. I decided I needed to get involved in my new community in order to have a sense of belonging and to make friends. I answered an ad in The Empty Closet to help with the Shoulders to Stand On project. My partner and I made a finding aid and organizational system for the Empty Closet photographs so that they would be accessible for the documentarians. We continued to volunteer with the Library and Archives for several years working on a variety of projects.

Simultaneously, I also began to volunteer with ImageOut, becoming co-chair of the art exhibition committee. I help to organize an exhibition every year in coordination with the film festival. When the Alliance announced they were moving and would be keeping the gallery in the new space, I jumped at the opportunity to coordinate exhibitions for the new Gallery Q as part of my ImageOut role. The experience was so positive that I agreed to be the gallery coordinator for Gallery Q.

I love that Gallery Q brings a diverse range of people to the Alliance that may not otherwise have a reason to come. I enjoy meeting people at the openings and describing all the amazing work the Alliance does for our community. I also love bringing great art to our community.