At the Gay Alliance, we are blessed with a steady crew of people who help keep our office functioning. The Volunteer of the Month for August is one of those energetic and dedicated people: Raymond Swails. Raymond is one of our ten office volunteers and in his year working with us he has truly taken the job to heart.

Since he began working as an office volunteer in August 2014, Raymond has worked more than 200 hours in our office. He’s always ready to cover a shift when someone can’t make theirs. Whenever he’s in the office, Raymond has everyone laughing with his light spirit and great sense of humor. He almost always arrives early for his shifts, and can consistently be relied on to complete any office tasks we ask him to do- and often he asks for more work! When visitors come to the office, Raymond is always warm and welcoming, creating a comfortable space for everyone involved.

Raymond is a Rochester native who likes the color red and tacos. He’s a life-long lover of everything Beyonce- he was even president of the Beyonce fan club in high school. He started working with the Gay Alliance to learn more about his identity, his lifestyle, and that of others in the community. When Raymond’s not in the office, his hobbies include church, dancing, and spending time with family.

We are deeply grateful to Raymond for the energy and dedication he brings to the Gay Alliance. Our organization simply wouldn’t be the same without passionate advocates like him. It is because of his drive and dedication that we have chosen to honor Raymond Swails as Volunteer of the Month for August.