Practical Philosophies for Cultivating Happiness and Well-Being

Wisdom, when put into practice, provides one to live a life rich in fullness, happiness, and the freedom from the past binding habits of existence.

* Who am I?

* How can I lead a more peaceful and focused life?

* How can I connect with my True Nature?

* How can I cultivate a continued sense of purpose and happiness?

The Buddhi Institute offers clients and students wisdom based courses of practice to discover the answers to some of the above questions and more. This is a study of self, which leads to the discovery of your true Self. The difference is a remarkable transition toward awakening to your purpose, and living in on-going state of happiness.

The benefits of learning and applying practical wisdom to your life offers:

* Living in the present moment, experiencing Joy.

* Living with a continued sense of calmness.

* Clarity of mind.

* An opened awareness of connection to your Divine Nature, for overall success and well-being.

* Increased level of spiritual wisdom, unveiling your True Purpose.

Services include: healing in wisdom, spiritual coaching, meditation, wellness programs, clarity of purpose and counseling.