Dr. Charles Garramone, D.O., is a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon whose practice focuses primarily on aesthetic surgery. Dr. Garramone routinely performs chest reconstruction surgery for female to male transgender clients at his Fort lauderdale Plastics Surgery Office.

Dr. Garramone is considered to be one of the few experts in the United States for female to male chest reconstruction. His wealth of experience and multiple array of patient breast types has given him the keys to help obtain the best possible chest contour for his female to male transgender clients. Here you can learn more about transgender services and the highly specialized expertise offered by Dr. Garramone.

A Gay Alliance staff member has met him personally and has seen his results. Dr. Garramone is not only a talented surgeon, but he and his staff are warm, helpful and respectful.

Brigett Moss, Dr. Garramone’s assistant, will be happy to answer your questions by phone or e-mail. You can contact her at: