Mautner Project, The National Lesbian Health Organization, improves the health of lesbians, bisexual and transgender women who partner with women (WPW) and their families by:

Providing direct services, offering support to lesbians, bisexual and transgender individuals with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses;

Offering various support groups: for cancer clients, caregivers, those grieving a loss, as well as health & wellness groups, including: smoking cessation, nutrition, etc.;

Educating lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals about important health issues;

Educating health-care providers about the needs and concerns of their lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients;

Working in coalition with other health organizations on lesbian, bisexual and transgender health;

Conducting primary research about lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals health;

Promoting lesbian, bisexual and transgender health advocacy and activism at the national, state and local levels;

Advocating for public & private sector research on lesbian health;

Advocating for complete LGBT inclusion in mainstream health initiatives;

Educating policymakers, the press, and the general public about lesbian, bisexual and transgender health; and,

Teaching and mentoring the next generation of LGBT health advocates, policy makers, and providers.

Our Purpose: Because lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals are less inclined to seek preventative health care in the face of discrimination and homophobia, the Mautner Project educates lesbians about their health and trains health-care providers about their lesbian patients, providing tools and insights on how to achieve better health outcomes for lesbians.