Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. is the original congregation in upstate New York founded and consistently fostered by the GLBTQIS community. Founded in July of 1983 by Mr. Ted Ewald and fourteen other persons the congregation was officially recognized on October 31, 1983, Reformation Day. The congregation meets in Syracuse and has a chapel and monastery in Elmira, NY at 380 W. 1st St. People participate in our worship services, classes, and meetings via Skype. Add rayofhope26 in your Skype contact list and join us on line Sunday mornings at 10:15 AM, and Bible Study on Tuesday nights at 6:15 AM. We also have a 6,000 plus library at our monastery. We also have a complete Vocational Ministry Training Program that may lead to clergy licensure and certification in a number of different ministries. Our worship style combines the best of catholic and protestant traditions. The government of the church is congregational with all offices elected by the congregation. Clergy are evaluated and relicensed annually. Ray Of Hope Church is legally Incorporated in the New York State.